Tips and Insights

Being in the Moment

Pay attention to how you are feeling, scan your body, what is happening for you right now, acknowledge and feel okay with that.

When we are worried or anxious, we tend to be projecting our thoughts to a time in the future it may be a time later that day, tomorrow, next week or month. The majority of the time our thoughts are of things either unknown or out of our control. They haven’t happened yet, but our thoughts are starting to control our feelings and emotions in relation to whatever the event is.  This is why being in the present, in the now, is so important.  Afterall, the only time we can be certain about and have any control over is the moment we are in right now. Practising meditation, mindfulness and breathing techniques will help to strengthen the ‘now muscle’.  Living in the now will help to reduce projecting our thoughts into the future, reducing any unnecessary worry or fear.