Tips and Insights


Keeping a journal, so you can track the switch between a positive and negative mindset – it will help to identify activities that made you feel good and those that didn’t – do more of what makes you feel good

A reflective journal is a very good tool that you can use, e.g. a good exercise at the end of the day is to reflect on the things that went well today and then ask yourself questions such as, what was the most satisfying about the things that went well?  What strengths did I use?  e.g. it could be planning, organisation, attention to details, positive mindset, desire, drive, whatever it was that proved successful.  It may be one thing, it may be a number of things, write it/them down so that you can refer back to it/them.  Then it may be something you do the following day or within the next week, refer back to your journal and ask yourself “how can I use this strength or strengths to help me in this situation.  This will help you to develop a ‘can do mindset’ and helps you to tap into a bank of resources you know that work for you.