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Media Exposure

Cutting down the amount of news we watch

I made a conscious decision around 20 years ago that I no longer wanted to expose myself to the media, this was through news programmes on the tv and through newspapers and magazines.  Now I understand there is a certain amount of information that we need in our lives, however, we can be bombarded 24/7 with news, unfortunately much of which is negative and amongst some of the news is disinformation.  I have personally found that only absorbing vital news information, be it local or global, I am in control of how the information affects my feelings, my thoughts, my emotions.  In this way I understand it, it has served its purpose, it has served me and I can remain calm and considered, despite having little if any control of what is happening.  That said, again my focus is drawn to what I am in control of.  I understand we are all different and different things will affect us in different ways.  I would ask that you notice your thoughts, how you are feeling when you are exposed to a high level of media coverage and reflect on the impact it has on you and whether you feel that reducing exposure would be of benefit to you and your mental health.

Also, if you do want to check on the latest news, perhaps once a day, think about when would be the best time for you to do this. Research shows that if we expose our minds to negative news prior to bedtime, this can have a detrimental effect on the quality of our sleep.