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Support Network

It’s important to have a support network (No man or woman is an island)

Having a strong support network is so important, having people that you can call on, rely on and they know they can call on you.  In life we all have ups and downs, our good days and our not so good days which is why, with a good support network – it could be family, friends, colleagues – you are able to support each other through the tough times.  If we are isolated and feel alone, we feel fear, anxiety and at times overwhelmed with nowhere and no one to turn to.  A positive supportive network gives you that connection when you need it and on your good days being there for others gives you a boost, a sense of purpose, a greater sense of worth.  Think about when you helped a loved one, a friend and how it made you feel.  Build your support network and connect #strongertogether.

When we do something for someone, or show an act of kindness that makes us feel good, it releases the chemicals, these are chemicals that help us to feel happy, feel good about what we have done helping to boost our resilience and our immune system.